Christopher Camie

Fundraising and Field Manager

During his time at Truman State University, Chris cultivated a deep love of political theory and history. From Thomas Hobbes to Hannah Arendt, Chris found himself fascinating by the nature of leadership, civic society, and governmental structure. In the wake of the 2016 election cycle, Chris decided that it was time to shift his political participation from the bookshelf to the ballot box, and signed on as an intern with MOPC.

Since then, Chris has never stopped learning. Chris has a track record of diligent fieldwork that spans numerous campaigns, including Annie Rice’s election in the 8th Ward and 2019 re-election, Kevin Windham’s campaign for the 85th, Paula Brown’s race in the 70th, and Stacy Siwak’s bid for Clayton School Board. Chris has managed canvassing efforts, assisted in organizing election-day staffing, and has personally knocked thousands of doors on behalf of clients. When not in the field, Chris thrives when connecting with people - be that at candidate events, or writing for the MOPC Newsletter.