On March 5th, Let's Win This


The time is now. With just one weekend left until Aldergeddon, we at MOPC will be working harder than ever in the fight for St. Louis City - lucky for us, our candidates are well worth fighting for. Read on to find out what we'll be up to in these final #FourDays, and how you can get involved in helping these progressive leaders across the finish line.

Sunni Hutton


Since the beginning of this year's aldermanic race, Sunni Hutton has been a ray of hope for the residents of the 20th Ward. Her authenticity and passion are undeniable, and her vision for her community has inspired support far beyond that of MO Political. Sunni's progressive approach to problem-solving in her community has garnered endorsements from both of her Ward's Committeepersons, to the 20th Ward Democratic Organization, to Action St. Louis and Tishaura Jones. Most importantly, Sunni's neighbors and friends have come out in droves to voice their support - and it's not hard to see why.

Sunni's commitment to "people-powered neighborhoods" is a lot more than a catchy slogan. Sunni stands for proven strategies for community development, ones that place decision-making authority where it belongs - in the hands of residents. This philosophy has formed the heart of Sunni's platform, as she looks to combat the swelling tide of gentrification in the 20th Ward. Sunni is fighting for development without displacement - and that places her a league apart from her competition.

The days until March 5th may be dwindling, but there's still time to stand with Sunni. Help us bring real, needed change to one of St. Louis' most politically depressed communities.


Click the image to the left to volunteer with Sunni this election day, or hit the button below to help us get out the vote this weekend!

Tonya Finley-McCaw

Tonya has put her heart and soul into her run for 22nd Ward Alderwoman, because hers is a labor of love. More than just recognize the problems faced by her community, she feels them - from city-high rates of vacancy, to lack of educational options, to crime and unemployment. Most of all, she feels the hopelessness of her friends and neighbors in the face of a lack of leadership. And that leadership is exactly what Tonya hopes to bring to the BoA.

From daily door-knocking to meetings across the Ward, Tonya has taken every opportunity to engage with her community. Her commitment has not gone unnoticed. From local leaders to organized labor, to storied publications and activist organizations, Tonya's message of hope has moved many to endorse her efforts. More than that, it has energized and excited the residents of her ward in a way that hasn't been seen in years.

Join us in that excitement this weekend, as we knock the streets of the 22nd with Tonya, Tishaura Jones, and Cori Bush! Make this election-day weekend one to remember, and show your support for #TheNew22. Check out the link to the right to RSVP today.


Can't make it to the doors this weekend? There's still time to sign up to stand with Tonya on election day! Click the button below to find out more.

Annie Rice

Little more than a year ago, Annie Rice was elected in a massive win for 8th Ward progressives. To date, she has shown that their confidence was well placed. Annie has worked to address everything from utility rates, to homelessness, to HIV decriminalization in the three committees on which she sits. She has fought for a more transparent redistricting process, and to reduce the influence of money and lobbyists in our political process. She has brought government to the people, by encouraging open dialogue with and among constituents and making herself accessible to the concerns of her community.

In just a year, Annie has done all this and more. In a time of tension and transition in St. Louis City, Annie represents proven progressive leadership - a consistent voice in city politics for the values that we hold dearest. That's why we're #TeamAnnie.

If you want to learn more about Annie Rice and her race for re-election, you can catch us with her tonight at Tick Tock for a meet and greet! If you haven't had a chance to meet Annie, or want to learn more about how you can get involved this weekend, click the link to the left for details!

And speaking of this weekend, we'll be with Annie getting out the vote in the 8th Ward on Saturday and Sunday! Help us make sure that Annie's friends and neighbors have a plan for election day, and spread the word about re-electing a leader who's been great for the 8th.

 Click the image to the right for additional details about this weekend's canvassing, or hit the button below to sign up to work the polls with Annie on Tuesday.

Let's Do the Work Together


With e-day close at hand, there's never been a better time to make a difference. Join our team of passionate volunteers, and work to make this election day one for the history books.


For more information, and to sign up to work the polls with MOPC, click the link below!



March 5th is only ten days away, and there's never been a better time to show your support for candidates that care. Find out what MOPC has planned as the countdown to Aldergeddon continues, and how you can help us get out the vote in St. Louis City!

Stand with Sunni

Join us in supporting Sunni Hutton in the next ten days, as she continues speaking truth to power and fighting for change across the 20th Ward. Sunni has been killing it these past few weeks - from canvasses with city leaders to a stellar showing at this week's debate, Sunni can't help but shine.

We'll have Sunni's back all the way to the finish line. Her passion for empowering residents in her community is exactly the sort of leadership the 20th Ward needs. Sunni knows that community development is about process as much as product, and her vision for equity and involvement has us pumped. This is what Love looks like in action, and we're all in.

It's not too late to show your support for Sunni! You can still volunteer next weekend in getting out the vote in the 20th Ward, or click here to join tomorrow's canvass!

To stand with Sunni at the polls on the 5th, check out the link below. It's a bright new day in the 20th Ward, and we'd love to greet it with you.

Take Action with Tonya

Tonya has been loving on her neighborhood each and every day, and the outpouring of support she's received in kind has been amazing. Just this past week, Tonya received another major endorsement from a source that prides itself on giving a voice to St. Louis' African-American community - the St. Louis American.

In typically insightful fashion, the American offered an overview of the struggling state of affairs in the 22nd Ward. Ultimately, they voiced their support for Tonya in bringing hope back to #TheNew22.

Most importantly for the constituents of this neglected ward, [Tonya] has heartfelt concern for her community and a grass-roots sense of how much the community is hurting. She knows how much people in the ward need leadership on the ground, and better direct public service from their elected officials...We strongly endorse Tonya Finley-McCaw for 22nd Ward alderman.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Thank you again to the St. Louis American for their moving endorsement. Click the image above to read more from The American's article on TFM, and for more brilliant journalism from one of the country's premier African American news sources.

The election is nearly here, but you can still help Tonya bring the change that the 22nd Ward so desperately needs. You can join us and Cori Bush next weekend for GOTV in the 22nd Ward, or hit the link below to sign up to work the polls with Tonya on election day!

Re-Elect a Rock Star

With less than two weeks to go till Aldergeddon, Annie Rice is as engaged with her community as ever. From ward meetings to door knocking, Annie's commitment to being present for her constituents never falters. For her hard work and dedication, the 8th Ward Democratic Organization officially endorsed Annie's re-election this past week, and we're thrilled to hear it!

Don't miss you chance to help us re-elect a rock star! You can sign up to canvass with Annie as early as tomorrow, or help us next weekend in getting out the vote in the 8th Ward.

To volunteer with Annie on E-day, click the button below! We'll be at the polls from 7 to 7 on March 5th, so find a time that works for you and show your support for one of our city's finest local representatives.

Fight for What’s Right


We're proud of the races that all of our candidates have run, and we'd be proud to have you join us at the finish line.

Time is of the essence as E-Day draws near, and even a few hours at the polls can make all the difference for the cause of progressive politics. To volunteer with MOPC this March, click the link below!


A Little Snow Won't Slow Us Down

The St. Louis weather continues at its finest - with downpours one day and snowdrifts the next - but that won't stop us! Come rain, sleet, hail, or snow, MOPC still does the work. We'll be kicking off canvassing and classy events in the weeks to come, so read on to find out more about how we'll be beating the cold.


In Two Weeks, the Tide Comes In

It's not exactly pool weather here in Missouri, but we at MO Political have our surfboards ready. With just #13days until this BLUE WAVEcrests from sea to shining sea, check out how you can join us in making a splash - and leave the Republicans treading water!