We'll leave the tricks to Republicans... but here's a treat!

The vote and Halloween both draw near,

But fret not friends, you need not fear!

 With your help MOPC will fight -

To bring a BLUE DAWN from this RED NIGHT.


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We're knocking doors for a lot more than candy this October. MO Political is looking for driven, talented individuals to join us in canvassing and getting out the vote this election season. See above for information regarding compensation and hours. To set up an interview, send your cover letter and resume to the link below!

(Note: Must have weekend and evening availability)

Friends of transparency in government have plenty of reason to celebrate this month. An appellate court decision has ensured that Clean Missouri - Amendment 1 - will remain on the ballot this November.

The initiative seeks to bring much-needed change to the state of affairs in Jefferson City.  Clean Missouri aims to close the revolving door between lobbyists and political officeholders. It will introduce impartial oversight of redistricting, and place new limits on both campaign contributions and lobbyist gifts.

It's the best thing since king-sized candy, and we should all be excited. For more information, check out Clean Missouri's vision here.


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Paula Brown, candidate for state representative in the 70th district, has had quite the week. In addition to knocking doors and calling constituents, Paula headed back to her roots in reaching out to educators.

A retired teacher of 31 years, Paula understands the need for accessible and good-quality education. To make that vision a reality, she continues to advocate for - and partner with - our teachers.

For more information about Paula's fight to flip the 70th, head to her website here.

Well, our politico friends, it's that time again. Trivia time!

For those of you who answered "B" for last week's question, congratulations. It has indeed been 20 years since a Democrat held the 34th State Senate seat - We think Martin would agree that it's time for a change.

This week's question brings us to the other side of the state...

True or False: Annie Rice is the first female Alderperson to hold office in the 8th Ward.

Come back next week for the answer, and for more politically-minded brain teasers!