Bring on the Blue... It's Our Favorite Color!

Halloween has come and gone, and we hope your nights were filled with scares and sweets! With just #ONEDay until the vote, we're turning our attention from candy buckets to ballot boxes. Our candidates have been hard at work, and this week we'll be sharing a bit about the superstars to watch for on election day. Follow us on social media tomorrow and look for our hashtags #Wedothework #MOPC #BringontheBLUE and #EDay2018

Let's get it done.

Mike LaBozzetta

Mike LaBozzetta was born and raised in St. Louis county, and went to SLU for both his undergraduate and Law degrees. Mike currently has his own solo practice, and works daily with small businesses and non-profits to help them navigate the legal landscape. 

Mike knows what just a little support and access can mean to helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams, and that's why he's running for State Representative in the 99th District. 

For more information about Mike and his efforts to flip the 99th, check out his website here. To volunteer with Mike on election day, just follow the link below!


Paula Brown

Paula Brown taught in the Hazelwood School District for 31 years, and her commitment to serving her community has only grown over time. Paula is ready to turn the 70th District back blue.

To read more about Paula's plans to serve the 70th, head to her website, or check out her Facebook page. To volunteer with Paula at the polls on November 7th, click the button below!

Matt Sain

Matt Sain, a recent graduate from UMKC Law and a father of two is running for State Rep in Kanas City's 14th District. After Seeing how the legislature was hurting middle class families, He decided to step up and run for office.

For more information about Matt's campaign, head over to To volunteer with Matt, click the button below for sign-up information.

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Martin Rucker

Martin's dedication to the his family and his friends it what makes him the right candidate for the 34th District. Don't let the smile fool you. He's ready to take on the issues in Jefferson City. 

For more info about Martin's fight for the 34th, head to his website here. If you want to get off the sidelines and get involved, click the button below to volunteer with Martin!

Kevin Windham

Kevin and his canvassers have not missed a beat on the doors!  Kevin knows what's at stake for his community has plans to better the 85th District. 

To learn more about Kevin's mission to move the #85thForward, head to his website here. To volunteer with Kevin on election day, head to the link at the button below.

Bruce Franks

Rep. Bruce Franks has spent this cycle supporting his fellow democrats. From St. Louis to Springfield to Rolla, Bruce's investment in sending help to Jefferson City is very real! 

To learn more about Bruce and the 78th District check out his facebook here