This October, Let's Give the Right a Fright

With just three weeks until election day, we're pulling out all the stops to send shivers up Republican spines. From knocking doors to knocking down pins, read on to find out what MO Political has planned for the rest of October!


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Our team of Voter Contact Specialists has been hard at work, and none more so than Versie and Dorothea. These ladies have been killing it, and we're pleased to name them our canvassing team of the week!  Their extraordinary efforts are the kind of ripples that will send this BLUE WAVE across the state.

 We still have TWO POSITIONS open for additional voter contact specialists. For more information about how you can join MO Political's canvassing team, click the link below!

Employment Opportunities


If you haven't already volunteered with one of our amazing candidates, it's not too late to take a stand! MOPC is looking for volunteers in both the greater St. Louis and Kansas City areas to help us work the polls on November 6th.

To volunteer or for more information, follow the link below.

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It's back.

Join us and Bruce Franks on Friday the 19th for the second annual Bowl-A-Rama! Click the photo and come knock down pins like Bruce bowls away the competition, and show your support for one of the city's strongest progressive voices. We've also heard rumors about a trophy...

To learn more about Bruce, the 78th District, and other upcoming events, head here.

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Next week on Tuesday, you can catch us hanging at a house party with Paula Brown. Come join us for refreshments, and find out firsthand why Paula's no-nonsense approach to leadership is just what the 70th District needs.

 For more info about Paula's race, head to her Facebook page, or check out her website here.

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For our friends on the western side of the state, you can come say hello to MOPC and Matt Sain next week! Come join us at 1920 NW 62nd Terrace, 64151 in Kansas City, and become a part of our mission to flip the 14th District.

To find out more about Matt's commitment to fighting for the health and welfare of Missouri's families, check out this article, or his website here. We couldn't be prouder to be a part of #TeamSain.

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Last but not least, save the date of November 3rd for another Coffee with the Candidate featuring Mike LaBozzetta! Join us at Uncle Bill's in Manchester, as we brace ourselves for election week with a tall stack of pancakes and a great chat with a brilliant candidate.

To learn more about Mike, check out his website and Facebook. #ItsTime99


You didn't think we'd forget Trivia Time, did you?

For those of you who answered "True" for last week's question, well done! Annie Rice is indeed the 8th Ward's first alderwoman, a position she'll be defending this April. 

I've been going easy on you all for the last couple of weeks. In honor of Halloween, let's try something a little trickier.

True or False: If Kevin Windham becomes Representative for the 85th District, he will be younger upon taking office than Stephen Webber was at the time of his 2008 election.

Good luck, and don't go looking up birthdays. We'll be back next week with the answer!