We have the plan to get your campaign over the finish line.

MO Political Consulting offers progressive politicians strategic campaign consultation and the means to put that strategy into action. Through the wisdom and perspective gained from standing beside our numerous candidates, MO Political Consulting offers an innovative approach to the strategies that prove to be most effective. We offer the attention, urgency, and decisive action needed to solve problems as if our own reputation and success were on the line.

MO Political Consulting has a track record of getting things done. We have worked with a variety of candidates from state-wides and state representatives to aldermanic and school board. We are a highly dedicated firm that is able to work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines with calmness and composure.  We have the ability to focus on a task and follow it through diligently until it is properly completed.

Values Driven

Here at MO Political Consulting LLC., we operate under a powerful set of beliefs. Among them is the belief that Missourians deserve elected officials who are ready to fight for their constituents.

We promise to continue diligently identifying and bringing to the forefront these progressive democratic candidates. Candidates who not only have a decent sense of right and wrong, but wholeheartedly share our beliefs.